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Yassas and hello!

I’m Sandy Papas, a Gen-X writer, blogger, designer, wife and mother of 3 based in Brisbane, Australia.

I spent over 30 years working in the corporate world in leadership and Project Management positions across Recruitment, HR, Banking and Construction. I’m a qualified Interior Designer, Lean Specialist and Agile coach which means I specialise in solving problems – creatively!

Most importantly I’m an avid traveller and Grecophile and in fact I’m married to a Greek. We visit Greece each year and explore as much of the country as we can, as well as returning to old favourites. I love to cook ( and eat) Greek food and am a huge advocate of the wine, the way of life and the ‘Filotimo’, which loosely translates to love of honour ( and other virtues).

Whilst Greece and Australia are my first loves I’ve travelled to over 50 countries. You can read more about them at my original travel site Tray Tables Away.

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Destinations in Greece

Ionian Islands






Cyclades islands









small cyclades 

Saronic Islands




Dodecanese Islands




Northern Aegean islands









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Virtual Greece: How to visit Greece from home

  Sometimes the best plans simply don't go according to plan. Your longed-for and carefully researched and planned trip to Greece can't go ahead, for reasons you just can't control. But don't despair, there are ways to still enjoy a greek experience from the...

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The best Greek songs playlist

The best Greek songs playlist

Here's our playlist of classic Greek songs and music as well as a few contemporary tunes as well. Tune into this music at home, in the car or out and about and transport yourself back to Greece!You may also like

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Movies shot in Greece

Movies shot in Greece

There's no better way to enjoy a virtual holiday than by watching television shows or movies shot in Greece. Seeing the magnificent landscapes, the sparkling blue sea, and the whitewashed buildings and cobblestone streets will transport you right to Greek soil,...

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How to get to Milos

How to get to Milos

Most people who visit Greece head to the islands of Santorini and Mykonos as a point of priority. Meanwhile, the magical island of Milos is close by and yet world's apart in terms of cost, crowds, and authenticity. Here's everything you need to know about how to get...

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Best apps for Greece travel

Best apps for Greece travel

In this day and age we are very lucky to be able to tap into a lot of free apps that can really make our lives easier. Gone are the days of having to print out reams of paperwork when traveling nor fumbling around with paper maps, guidebooks, and other cumbersome (...

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