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Which are the best Greek Islands to visit?

With over 200 inhabited islands it can be quite overwhelming trying to work out which are the best Greek Islands to visit on your holiday. We’ve broken down some of our favourites to make it easier for you.

Best Greek Islands for couples

best greek islands for couples


Considered one of the most romantic locations on the planet there’s a reason more people propose here than anywhere else in the world. 

With deluxe private cave villas, extraordinary views and stunning sunsets Santorini is every couples dream destination.


best greek islands for couples


Situated 3 kilometres south of Paxos this Ionian island is mostly covered in vineyards with a number of good beaches and one harbour town. The azure waters are spectacular and popular with sailors and people who really want to be left alone. 

Anti Paxos can be accessed by a water taxi from Paxos which takes about 15 minutes.


best greek islands for couples


Still unspoilt by commercial tourism yet developed enough to offer something for all budgets Milos has extraordinary landscapes, hidden coves and beaches and small, hard to reach fishing villages that are perfect for couples who like to self explore and relax.

It also has some of the best food in the country.


best greek islands for couples


Only a 7 minute ferry ride from its much busier big sister, Paros, Antiparos is a small island in the Cyclades with little development other than a lovely Chora(town) and seaside villages.

Home to a number of celebrities including Tom Hanks, you can see why they chose this island to get away from it all.


best greek islands for couples


Beautiful Symi is a small island in the Dodecanese with very distinctive coloured houses and buildings spilling down the hills to the harbour.

With many stairs to be traversed it is better suited to fit and healthy people and there are enough hidden gems to keep everyone happy. Great for the architecture buffs.


best greek islands for couples


Hydra has been home to young bohemians and wealthy Athenians for decades and is situated close to Athens in the Saronic gulf.

With no cars or scooters couples love to explore Hydra on foot or in water taxis and there are some very fashionable shops, taveranas and cliff top bars that can be a lot of fun. This island is particularly popular with lovers of music and literature as it was home to people like Charmaine Cliff, George Johnson and Leonard Cohen for many years.


Best Greek Islands for families

things to do in crete


Crete is the largest Greek Island and there is so much to see and do it is like visiting a whole other country.

Families are delighted with the huge number of safe beaches and the many cafes and tavernas that are so family friendly. There are small neighbourhood trains that are offered for transport in some of the better known beach areas and there are many other things to do covering historical sights, outdoor adventures, water sports and even shopping.

best greek islands for families


The Ionian island of Corfu is a perennial favourite with families with plenty of sunshine and beautiful beaches.

But there are also plenty of modern-day family attractions such as waterparks and  aquariums and there are many big resorts catering to families of all shapes and sizes. 

It’s a big island so it pays to have a car to explore but you can also rent boats or do numerous tours. If big resorts and hotels arent your thing then Corfu Town has a lot to offer as does the beautiful villages of Paleokastritsa which is worth a week all on its own.

best greek islands for families


Similar to Corfu in many respects but located on the other side of the country in the Dodecanese Islands near Turkey.

Rhodes has a lot of diversity and offers something for all budgets. There are a lot of historical sights on the island and many areas are still underdeveloped and authentic.


best greek islands for families


Once home to shipping magnates and tycoons modern day Chios is a big island mostly untouched by tourism and a beautiful place for a family holiday.

There are a number of small hotels in the beachside village of Karfas and a car is a great idea to explore the various ruins, monasteries, caves and coves around the island. Kids love the learn about the unique ‘mastica’ trees and try the ice cream and chewing gum!

Best Greek Islands for groups

best greek islands for groups


Said to be like Mykonos 10 years ago Paros is the perfect choice for large groups. There are 3 main towns and numerous small villages. Naoussa is the most vibrant and has many excellent tavernas and bars that open until sunrise whilst the port town of Parikia has plenty of choice for both activities and dining.

Paros is one of the easiest islands to access and it is relatively close to Athens. Its no wonder it is often chosen as the perfect venue for group celebrations. 


best greek islands for groups


The largest of the Ionian Islands Kefalonia is the new hotspot in international travel as more people explore its verdant mountains and sky blue beaches.

Known for its excellent wine and stunning coastline its wise to rent a car on Kefalonia as there is much to explore.

The waterfront towns of Fiscardo and Assos are excellent locations for groups to base themselves and there are many all-inclusive resorts as well,especially in the south.

best greek islands for groups


Known as one of the premier party destinations on the planet Mykonos is loaded with stunning beach clubs, elegant restaurants and numerous celebrities, especially in Summer.

Probably the most expensive destination for groups Mykonos suits those with deep wallets and short memories.

best greek islands for groups


With an infamous international airport right on the beach Skiathos is particularly popular with the British and is a great base to explore the Sporades islands, including its Mama-mia famous neighbour, Skopelos.

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