Which is the most picturesque Greek island in the Aegean sea?

The Aegean Sea sits in the Mediteranean Sea between Greece and Turkey and is home to most of the Greek Islands. With over 200 inhabited islands in Greece, that are all beautiful, it can be quite hard trying to decide which is the most picturesque Greek Island on the Aegean Sea.

Santorini of course springs to mind and it’s definitely stunning but there are other islands where beauty comes a little more naturally and is able to be enjoyed more easily. It’s a tough call but we think these three islands are just as lovely.


Still unspoilt by commercial tourism yet developed enough to offer something for all budgets Milos has extraordinary landscapes, hidden coves and beaches and small, hard to reach fishing villages, including those that are home to the unique ‘Smyrta’ or fishermans huts that are much loved by visitors and locals alike.  Like Santorini, Milos has very special topography and is also the result of significant volcanic activity. It offers many of the vistas and views of its more famous cousin but without the crowds, and its beaches are much more beautiful. There are beaches of pure white rock and others that are multicoloured with bright red and yellow rock and sand.  In the towns you will find authentic alleys and winding back streets with paved walkways and whitewashed walls, often all to yourself. Milos is a sailing enthusiasts dream with stunning coves and beaches to explore, many of which cannot be accessed by any other means. There is a small domestic airport and Ferry port.


Paros is a popular island in the Cyclades group and the first ferry port to the Greek islands from Athens for many people. It has several large towns and numerous small villages with dozens of stunning beaches and quaint fishing villages. Atypical of the Cyclades architecture of white sugar cube houses and blue domes and doors Paros has many examples of this all over the island as well as lush green hills, vineyards and valleys. There are stunning views from the hills over neighbouring Naxos to the east and Anti-paros to the West. Wandering around the villages you will come across flaming pink and red bouganvillea spilling over the whitewashed walls and doorways as well as brightly coloured fishing boats and many authentic tavernas, small bars and boutiques. There are also many historical attractions including windmills and Byzantine churches. Paros has a domestic airport or numerous ferries to and from many other islands.  


Symi is a small island in the Dodacannese group of islands just off the coast of Turkey. It is considered one of the prettiest islands in the world due to its brightly coloured and well maintained buildings with a heavy Ottoman influence in the architecture. This island is a photographers dream particularly on a sunny day when the beautiful shades or yellow, pinks and orange shine so brightly.  You can climb high into the hills behind the main town and harbour of Arno Symi for stunning views across the bay or head to small villages like Pedi or Panomitis for quaint local scenery and village life. You can get to Symi by ferry from Rhodes or Tilos. 
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