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Yassas and hello!

I’m Sandy Papas, a Gen-X writer, blogger, designer, wife and mother of 3 based in Brisbane, Australia.

I spent over 30 years working in the corporate world in leadership and Project Management positions across Recruitment, HR, Banking and Construction. I’m a qualified Interior Designer, Lean Specialist and Agile coach which means I specialise in solving problems – creatively!

Most importantly I’m an avid traveller and Grecophile and in fact I’m married to a Greek. We visit Greece each year and explore as much of the country as we can, as well as returning to old favourites. I love to cook ( and eat) Greek food and am a huge advocate of the wine, the way of life and the ‘Filotimo’, which loosely translates to love of honour ( and other virtues).

Whilst Greece and Australia are my first loves I’ve travelled to over 50 countries. You can read more about them at my original travel site Tray Tables Away.

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Destinations in Greece

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Cyclades islands









small cyclades 

Saronic Islands




Dodecanese Islands




Northern Aegean islands









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How to make Greek Horiatiki Salad ( Greek Salad)

How to make Greek Horiatiki Salad ( Greek Salad)

Is there another dish that screams GREEK ISLANDS more than Greek Salad? Visions of seaside tavernas, fresh seafood, and cold beer are the natural accompaniments to this dish, so here is our recipe for Greek Horiatiki salad for you to recreate in your slice of...

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Spanakopita – Greek spinach and feta cheese pie recipe

Spanakopita – Greek spinach and feta cheese pie recipe

Spanakopita is one of the most famous Greek dishes and is easy to make. Often called Spinach and Cheese pie and a great vegetarian Greek dish this feta cheese pie recipe will be an instant family favourite. This dish is one of Greece's best known and is a family...

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The most beautiful Peloponnese beaches

The most beautiful Peloponnese beaches

It’s not only the Greek Islands which boast beautiful beaches. Located in the southern part of the Greek mainland, the Peloponnese has stunning beaches that rival any island. With azure waters and long horseshoe-shaped swathes of sand, and few crowds, the ...

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Greek party islands

Greek party islands

Are you dreaming of joining the well-heeled crowds and dancing the night away on a luscious Greek Island? You’re certainly not alone - the summer season always sees an influx of revelers, keen to watch nights become mornings on some of the top Greek party islands....

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One day in Athens – a complete itinerary

One day in Athens – a complete itinerary

Athens is one of the oldest and most fascinating cities in the world. The birthplace of Democracy, Medicine, Theatre and Philosophy offers a lot to see and do. Ideally you would have at least 3 days in Athens to really do it justice but for people who are transiting...

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