Nestled in the South Aegean Sea, beautiful Naxos is the largest of the Cyclades Islands. It is famous for its lush and fertile lands along with its picturesque, whitewashed villages and towns. Its mountainous landscape is also famous for its marble, which has been used to make statues for centuries. 

Although it has a modest permanent population, Naxos’ beauty makes it a popular place for tourists. Its a big island and there are a lot great things to do on Naxos.

Things to do on Naxos (near the beach) 

Naxos is famous for its long, sandy beaches, in fact some of the longest beaches anywhere on the Greek Islands can be found here. If you’re looking for something to do on Naxos, visiting one of the beautiful beaches is a great choice.


One of the longest beaches of all is Plaka, which extends a dazzling four kilometres in length. For decades, it was a nudists’ beach, and they can still be found on the beach in low season. In high season, however, the popularity of the beach means that only a small section is clothing-optional. The rest is popular with visitors of all types, from families enjoying the crystal clear water to young revellers drinking at the nearby bars and cafes. With so much sand to go around, there is plenty of room to enjoy its beauty.

Agios Prokopios

Although it’s not the longest beach on Naxos, it is widely considered the most beautiful.

In fact, Agios Prokopios is often called one of the most beautiful beaches on all of the Greek Islands, with its swathes of soft sand and glistening clear water.

As it is located just five kilometres away from Naxos Town, it is also one of the most popular beaches on the island. As a result, there is a good selection of bars, restaurants and shops to enjoy not far from the water.

You can also rent snorkels and banana boats from the shore.

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Agios Anna

Also within close proximity of Naxos Town is Agia Anna, a picturesque cove and sandy beach. While it’s technically a continuation of Agios Prokopios, it has a quieter and more traditional feel, mostly thanks to the small wooden fishing boats dotted along the shore.

That said, it is still a busy beach that is well organised, with plenty of sun umbrellas and amenities nearby. In addition, as the cove is quite secluded, it is generally quite calm, making it suitable for swimmers of all ages.

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Paralia Mikri Viglia

Located on the west coast of Naxos, Paralia Mikri Viglia is often lashed by strong winds. While this means it is not ideal for weak swimmers, it is very popular with water sports enthusiasts and those looking for adventurous things to do on Naxos.

In particular, the beach is well-known for its excellent windsurfing and kitesurfing. It’s also popular amongst divers and snorkellers, thanks to the many fish that can be spotted just off the shore.

There are a couple of buses per day from Naxos Town in high season, although it is easiest to reach with your own car.

village in naxos


With dozens of beaches on Naxos, there are plenty of hidden gems to enjoy away from the crowds. One of the most beautiful is Abram on the northwest coast.

Although it is only 20 kilometres from Naxos Town, it is much quieter than the closer beaches – although it still has a fair bit going on in peak season. The beach itself is picturesque, with sparkling blue sea and views of Mykonos way off in the distance.

If you’re looking for a quiet beach in Naxos not too far from town, this is a great option.

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St George beach

St George Beach, also known as Agios Georgios is the main beach of Naxos as is right near the town or Chora.

It is a calm, shallow beach which is usually protected from any wind and therefore is very popular with families. It is well serviced with many sunbeds, cafes and tavernas and at night it transforms into a quiet beachfront resort with some excellent toes-in-the-and dining venues.

Its easy to walk to St George from the town and there are several small hotels right on the beachfront as well.


more outdoor things to do on Naxos 

Naxos is blessed with a rich natural environment complete with mountains, fertile plains and lush valleys. As a result, many of the best things to do in Naxos are outdoors.

things to do on Naxos

Rina Cave

Located on the island’s southern coast, Rina Cave is one of the most beautiful places on Naxos.

The cave is nestled near the right side of the beach, with its entrance surrounded by beautiful green-blue waters. The postcard-perfect look of the cave makes visiting it one of the most popular things to do in Naxos.

In order to reach it, you’ll need to take a water taxi to the secluded beach, where you can then swim in the beautiful blue waters. The beach nearby is also lovely for relaxing upon.

Aliko Juniper Forest

There are only eight cedar forests in all of Greece, and one of the most beautiful is the Aliko Juniper Forest in southwest Naxos.

In the 80s, there were plans to build a mega resort here, however luckily it never came to fruition and it remains largely unspoiled. Today, the trees come nearly up to the water’s edge, just leaving behind a slither of soft sand to enjoy.

As well as relaxing on the beach in the shade of the forest, you can also take a walk along the many walking paths. It’s a beautiful place to enjoy one of the most unique landscapes in Greece.


Things to do on Naxos (for history lovers)

For the Ancient Greeks, Naxos was the most important part of the Cyclades. As a result, there are many remnants of the past left behind, making it a paradise for history lovers.

village on Naxos


Naxos boasts one of the most charming capitals of any of the Greek Islands – Hora, or Naxos Town.

While it may not be quite as developed as some of the other cities on larger islands like Mykonos, many visitors fall in love with its undeniable charm. It is well-known for its hodge podge of narrow laneways and its white-washed cube houses and buildings.

Simply walking around it is a delight, while there are many great cafes and tavernas to enjoy.

naxos temple


Perhaps the most iconic sight of Naxos is that of Portara, the ruins of an ancient temple that occupies an impressive hilltop location on its own small isle.

While much of the ancient temple has been reclaimed by the earth, an impressive door-like rectangle remains, faced towards Dellos, Apollo’s birthplace. This impressive sight also frames the incredible views over the island, making it a particular favourite for photographers at sunrise and sunset. (free entry, always open).

things to do on Naxos

Chora Castle

Naxos’ most impressive fortified structure is the impressive Chora Castle standing atop a large hill.

This dramatic location in Kythira gave the castle the nickname “the Eye of Crete” as it allowed for watchmen to keep an eye on the Aegean, Ionian and Cretan seas all at once. No doubt this is why it was built by the Venetians in the 13th century.

Today, the castle is almost completely ruined, but hints of its former grandeur still remain. It is undoubtedly romantic, perched on the hilltop overlooking the island.

free entry, open from 8am to 8pm in summer, 8:30am to 3:30pm in winter

things to do on naxos

Temple of Demeter

Located near the village of Sangri in central Naxos, the Temple of Demeter is one of the most fascinating things to do in Naxos.

The impressive ruins are thought to date back more than 2,500 years to around the 6th Century BC. Although there are still many mysteries surrounding the temple, we do know that it was built in honour of Demeter, the Goddess of grain.

The temple was likely built near fertile farmlands, in the hope that she’d bless the crops. Today, it is one of the most interesting sights on the island.

Entrance to the temple is free, €4 for the museum. Open 8:30am to 3pm

things to do on Naxos

Explore the small villages of Melanes, Halki and Filoti

Naxos has many beautiful and charming small villages which are much like open-air museums, looking as if they have been frozen in time.

Some of the most beautiful include Melanes, with the white-washed stone houses clinging to the cliff-face, the former capital of Halki with remnants of its former fame and fortune, and picturesque Filoti.

While these places are fairly small and can be explored easily, it is best to soak in their unique and charming atmosphere. There’s no need to rush!

Day trips from Naxos

There are many things to do and see on Naxos island, but it’s also well located for day trips to other nearby sights. Here are some of the best day trips from Naxos.

day trips from Naxos

Visit Paros

When looking into which Cyclades Island to visit, you might have found yourself considering the merits of Paros over Naxos. Luckily, you can easily enjoy both, as Paros is just a short ferry ride away from Naxos.

A day trip over to Paros is a particularly good idea during the summer, when the island enjoys a bustling calendar of events including traditional Greek cultural performances as well as open air music festivals.

There are four ferry companies that operate between the two islands, so it is fairly easy to get between the two.

day trips from Naxos


Another wonderful day trip from Naxos Island is across to Ano Koufonisi, a tiny speck in the sea that is sometimes known as “the Mykonos of the Cyclades”.

At just over five square kilometres, its immense natural beauty makes up for its modest size. In particular, the island is famous for its jaw-droppingly perfect beaches, such as Pori Beach.

There are also numerous classic tavernas which offer traditional meals and friendly service. It’s certainly one of the most unmissable day trips from Naxos.

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