Naxos is the largest of the Cyclades islands and has a rugged, mountainous landscape, and long sandy beaches. In fact Naxos beaches are considered some of the best beaches in Europe. There is a lot to see and do and it’s proximity to a number of other beautiful islands makes it a perennial favourite with families, couples and solo travellers year after year. Due to the sheer size of the island working out where to stay in Naxos can be challenging, so we’ve done the research for you.



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Nastasia Village Hotel Naxos


The main town, specifically its hilly old quarter known as Kástro, is called Chora which translates to ‘Town’. It was the seat of the Venetian Duchy of Náxos, who ruled most of the Cyclades from the fortress after 1204.

The steep lanes of Kástro and its downhill continuation Boúrgos, provide many wandering opportunities and is home to numerous hidden gems.

You will find everything here that most port towns have – souvenir shops, backpacker hostels, cafes, tour desks and more. Its also where the main port is located as well as close to some excellent beaches so for many people it is easy to base themselves here.

You will find a good mix of accommodation in Chora as the hotels and villas spread right around to St George Beach, one of the best beaches in Naxos.

 recommended hotels in Chora

Recommended Budget hotel : Hotel Galini

Recommended mid-range hotel : Hotel Grotta or Nastasia Village

Recommended Luxury hotel: Astir of Naxos


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Agios Prokopios

Located just 5kms south of Chora is Agios Prokopios beach with its wide sandy beach and deep turqoise water. It’s considered one of the best beaches in Greece and it is no wonder it is popular particiulary with familes.

At the northern end of the beach you will find the remains of a salt pan which makes for an interesting walk and a great place for photographers.

The beach area is well organised with many day beds and water sports for hire. The street behind the beach is lined with tavernas and cafes and several service the beach too. There is a wide variety of accommodation on offer, many with wonderful sea and sunset views as this beach faces West.

In summer it can be quite crowded and difficult to get a car park although there is a frequent bus service as well.

recommended hotels in Agios Prokopios

Recommended Budget hotel : Astra Apartments

Recommended mid-range hotel : Villa Adriana Hotel

Recommended Luxury hotel: Virtu Suites


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Agios Anna

Right below Agios Prokopios beach is Agios Anna beach, really a continuation of the former. Also a long sandy beach there is also a small port which is home to some local fishing boats. The coastal road passes right next to the beach and the small houses, cove and fishing harbour make it a very popular spot for sightseers, photographers and beach goers.

There are a lot of tavernas and cafes along the beach and in the village as well as a wide variety of hotels, villas and apartments. The small cove offers protection on windy days making it one of the most popular spots on the whole island. It’s also the end of the paved road which goes on to be a dirt road heading south.

recommended hotels in Agios Anna

Recommended Budget hotel : Sofia Studios

Recommended mid-range hotel : Naxian Breeze


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Mikri Vigla Beach

Soft sand, clear and often calm water, Mikri Vigla is not as busy as its northern neighbours and a great place to base yourself for a relaxing holiday. There are a number of excellent tavernas and a small market. 

Located just off the coast is lovely Panagia Parthen Island which is a worth a day trip for snorkelling and swimming and to see the sole building on the island which, of course, is a church.

recommended hotels in Mikri Vigla

Recommended Budget hotel : Joanna Apartments

Recommended mid-range hotel : Coralli Beach Apartments

Recommended Luxury hotel: Naxos Luxury Villas


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Located 20kms north of Chora Abram is a very pretty, isolated beach which offers a secluded getaway among a rugged landscape. The neighbouring village of Kampos is home to a beautiful church on the headland as well as the Naxos Diving Centre. 

There are many small coves, bays and caves to explore along this rugged coastline. In the interior, half way to Apollonas you can see The Tower of Agia.

recommended hotels in Abram beach

Recommended Budget hotel : Abrami Traditional Villas & Studios

Recommended mid-range hotel : Petrino


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Apollonas is located at the very north of Naxos and like most north facing towns and villages in the Cyclades it can be very windy at times, especially in summer when the strong Meltemi wind blows down from the Bospherous in Turkey. That said it is a charming village that offers a different alternative to the villages along the more popular beaches.

The main attraction is the largest of the 3 famous Kouros statues which are found on Naxos at Apollonas and Melanes. The Apollonas statue is over ten meters in height and dates back to the 8th century. It is thought to depict either the God Apollo or Dionysus.

recommended hotels in Apollonas

Recommended Budget hotel : Ioanna’s Apartment

Recommended mid-range hotel : Adonis Hotel


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naxos hotels
naxos hotels
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